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Collection: Tumble Stones

Tumbled stones are small, rounded, brightly polished pieces of rocks and minerals. They are made by placing rough rocks in a machine known as a rock tumbler, which tumbles them until their edges and surfaces are smooth and polished.

Many people enjoy tumbled stones because they are beautiful natural materials that have been given a pleasing shape and a bright polish. They are popular in jewelry, craft, souvenir, awards, collectibles.

Tumbled stones are soothing and peaceful gems when it comes to healing. Known to calm stressful environments, they are very comforting pieces with which to work. They aid in decision-making and help offer clarity. When it comes to the body, they assist with support during healing of physical ailments such as chronic and long-term illness, as well as with pain relief. They also offer assistance in determining causes of physical issues, support during detoxing and they can help to energize the body as well as clear the mind.

The smaller size of tumbled crystals makes them ideal for placing them under pillows at night, around the home and office, and carrying in one’s pocket.

Wearing them close allows you to benefit from their vibration throughout the day.

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