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Urban Boho Living




Not just Bohemian!

The term boho comes from bohemian which refers to an old-fashioned hippie style.

It’s often defined as a care-free or unconventional lifestyle that is unconcerned with social norms or fitting in. A style more geared toward creativity, artistic expression, romantic ideals, and an emotive, flowery  attitude.


Urban Boho

The ideals behind urban boho are similar, but more polished.  After the hippie love generation, there was this sense that since “flower power” alone didn’t work to change the world, we all have to go back to working for a living and leading normal lives.  So the urban slant on boho is, yes let’s take all that flowy, hippie, carefree aesthetic that makes us feel creative, artistic, colorful, and vibrant… but let’s polish it up a little, add some grit and attitude, and carry ourselves like we’ve got someplace to go.


** You don’t have to torture yourself to be fashionable and fly. **
** Be Urban Boho ... A Rebel with a cause **
Rebel against straight-laced, uptight mainstream culture but stay involved in everyday life.  
Urban boho goes back to that gypsy culture where you’re weird, very soulful and authentic.
 Styling it out and up
Fringes, flowy fabrics, flared jeans, crochet/knit overlays, bandana scarves, beads, headbands, Dangling earrings, lots and lots of layers, tassels, shells and a gypsy approach to jewelry (and lots of it!). 
** Just be you, make the world more beautiful and creative and vibrant.  **